Glas Farm Michigan Grower Services: Drying, Storing, Stripping, Milling & Super Sacking.

We have the necessary machinery, equipment and facilities to handle all of your drying & milling needs.

To learn more about our hemp drying and hemp milling services, or to request a quote for hemp related services, contact us below through our Contact Sales form or by giving us a call at 19892883141 ext. 106.


Drying -

Here at Gras Farm, MI, we have top of the industry equipment that is necessary to cater to your hemp drying demands.


Storing -

Our storage facilities have been beta tested to the fullest extent and we are pleased to provide our customers with the option to store their hemp products in an ideal temperature controlled environment.


Stripping -

Our machinery is second to none when it comes to this tedious process. We can guarantee that our stripping is always consistent, fast paced, and precise.


Milling -

The primary and often most precious phase of extracting the cannabis oil is something we take seriously, and is always done with the utmost care.


Super Sacking -

Once your hemp has gone through our harvest process and is ready to be stored, we make sure it is only stored in the best super sack option. The type of sack that we store products in has been hand selected to make sure we are offering the best low moisture options to keep your products fresh.

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If you have any general inquiries, please call our office or email us!